Communication Networks Seminar


We will study recent advances in networking by reading and presenting research papers from top conferences in the area. Each session will include 2 research papers on a topic, at least one of which will be presented by a student. Both papers will be discussed in each session. Prior to each session, every student is expected to submit brief reviews for the session's papers here.



  • To understand the state-of-the-art in the field
  • To learn to read, present and critique papers
  • To identify opportunities for new research



  • Attend and actively participate in the entire seminar.
  • Present one of the seminar topics.
  • Submit brief reviews for each Tuesday's readings on the previous Friday.
  • You will be evaluated on all three factors above.



S. Keshav, How to Read a Paper.


Seminar Hours

Tuesday, 15:00-17:00 in CAB F 72. [Please note the change of venue.]





 Date  Lecture  Presenters
 20.09  Introduction and overview  Timothy Roscoe
 Ankit Singla
 27.09  Data center network topology design (p1, p2)  Simon Kassing
 04.10  Data center network monitoring (p3, p4)  François Wirz
 11.10  Flow / packet scheduling - I (p5, p6)  Darko Makreshanski
 18.10  Flow / packet scheduling - II (p7, p8)  Reto Achermann
 25.10  Programmable packet processing (p9, p10)  Vojislav Dukic
 01.11   --- No seminar ---  
 08.11   --- No seminar ---  
 15.11  Network verification (p11, p12)  Zsolt István
 22.11  Congestion control (p13, p14)  Daniele Asoni
 29.11  Internet architecture - I (p15, p16)

 Antonios Karkatsoulis (p15)

 Simon Peyer (p16)

 06.12  Internet architecture - II (p17, p18)

 Melanie Hüsser (p17)

 Stefan Milosavljevic (p18)

 13.12  Industry experience (p19, p20)  Jonas Fernbach



Reading list