Communication Networks Seminar - Fall 2017


  • By Thursday (21.09), log on to the review system (using nethz); send me an email after this.
  • By Friday (22.09), submit reviews for p1, p2. After you log in, click on "review any submitted paper", click on the paper titles to see the review form. Assign a score from 1-5 (5 = great paper; 1=poor paper), and follow the directions on the review form.



We will study recent advances in networking by reading and presenting research papers from top conferences in the area. In week w:

  • On Tuesday, we discuss the two papers for week w
  • On Tuesday, students present the background for week w+1's papers 
  • By Friday, students write reviews for week w+1's papers



  • To understand the state-of-the-art in the field
  • To learn to read, present and critique papers
  • To identify opportunities for new research



  • Attend and actively participate in the entire seminar.
  • Present one of the seminar topics.
  • Submit brief reviews for each Tuesday's readings on the previous Friday.
  • You will be evaluated on all three factors above.



S. Keshav, How to Read a Paper.


Seminar Hours

Tuesday, 15:00-17:00 in CAB H 53.





 Date  Discussed papers  Presentations
 26.09  p1 (Polaris), p2 (QUIC)  Adrian (p3), Eduardo (p4)
 3.10  p3, p4 (Video streaming)  Raphael A (p5)
 10.10  p5, p6 (WAN edge routing)  Martin (p8)
 17.10  p7, p8 (Net neutrality)  Fabian (p10) 
 24.10  p9, p10 (App-level overlays)  Raphael H (p11)
 31.10  p11, p12 (Routing: IXPs and cloud)  Adrian S (p13)
 7.11  p13, p14 (DC congestion control)  Eric (p15)
 14.11  --- no seminar ---  --
 21.11  p15, p16 (in-network vs. at end-hosts)  Magdalena (p17)
 28.11  p17, p18 (DC load balancing)  Dirk (p20)
 05.12  p19, p20 (DC topologies)  --



Reading list