Big Data – Fall 2018

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Latest information

  • Exams from the past years are now available for orientation.
  • The exercise on Friday, December 21, will not take place. Please go to one of the Wednesday sessions instead.
  • The exercise session on Wednesday, December 12, with Sabir Akhadov cannot take place. Please go to the session of Mélanie Bernhardt in ML F 36 or that of Yishai Oltshik in HG F 26.3, which take place at the same time.
  • The exercise session on Wednesday, December 5, with Sabir Akhadov cannot take place. Please go to the session of Mélanie Bernhardt at the same time in ML F 36.
  • The deadline of the Moodle quizzes on Sparksoniq and Spark DataFrames have been extended by one week until December 11.
  • Starting on November 14, we offer only three exercise sessions on Wednesday. The students assigned to the session in CHN G 46 (with last name [E*,Le*)) are kindly requested to go to CHN D 46 or ML F 36 instead.
  • Starting on November 2, we offer only one exercise session on Friday, namely the one in CAB G 52.
  • We just uploaded the exercise sheets of the first week in case you want to look at them early. Also the graded exercises of the first bonus point will appear on moodle soon. You have about one week to hand in your answers.
  • You can do the exercises of the first week at home: follow the instructions to set up the accounts on Moodle, our online class room on Azure, and the Jupyter notebook server. If you need help, come to one of the support sessions in ML F 36 on Wednesday 19/10 or in CAB G 52 on Friday 21/10. Otherwise, enjoy your free time.


Lecture recording

The lectures are recorded by ETH multimedia services and are accessible through the video portal after some days (with your nETHZ credentials).


TA session

We offer several slots. Check lecture and exercise times to see which slot is yours.

The lecture has a 2A components, meaning that you will have a lot of practical exposure to technology. The TAs will have plenty of practical exercises for you and will help you getting your computers set up in the exercise sessions. Please do not forget to bring your laptops with you to make the most out of it.


ETH EduApp

We will try to make the course a bit interactive, using the ETH ticker application during lectures. You can access it as a web app or install it on your smartphone (learn how).

We recommend trying out the ticker app already now so that the answering process goes smoothly in the lectures. One question about your background is already available as a test so that you can familiarize yourself with the app and answer your first question.