Case Studies from Practice


  • 12. Juni in ML E 12, 13:00h, (90 minutes).

Course description

The course is designed to provide students with an understanding of “real-life” challenges taken from corporate settings and teach them how to address these.


By using case studies that are based on actual IT projects, students will learn how to deal with complex, not-straightforward problems. It will help them to apply their theoretical Computer Science background to real life situations and will teach them fundamental principles of IT management and challenges with IT in practice.


The course "Case Studies from Practice" bridges the gap between computer science at ETH and the industry. In interactive case studies company representatives present the diversity of challenges in the daily routine and work of computer science graduates from ETH. As an integral part of the course, non-technical skills such as business problem-solving, communication and presentation, interviewing and relationship management are discussed and trained.

The course is particularly suitable for students who want to gain an overview of the different working areas and want to prepare for entrance into professional life.

Presenting companies so far include Avaloq (distributed, agile software development), Credit Suisse (new investment banking case), Deloitte (how to develop innovative technology solutions for a luxury retailer), HP (business continuity management), 28msec (product pricing in a software startup company), Open Web Technology (strategic choices in software development) and Marc Brandis Strategic Consulting (various).

Course Hours


  • Mon, 12:00-14:00 HG E 21


  • Mon,  14:00-15:00 HG E 21





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