Data Stream Processing and Analytics - Exercise Sessions

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- HO: Hands-on session
- PR: Paper reading session



  Session Topic


 18.02  HO  Introduction to Apache Flink  ses-1.pdf
 25.02  HO  Introduction to Timely Dataflow  ses-2.pdf
 04.03  PR  Naiad: A Timely Dataflow System   ses-3.pdf
 11.03  HO  Introduction to Apache Kafka  ses-4.pdf
 18.03  HO  Custom windows in Timely Dataflow I  ses-5.pdf
 25.03  HO   Custom windows in Timely Dataflow II  -
 01.04  HO  Google Cloud Platform and Cloud Dataflow  ses-6.pdf
 08.04  -  ** Sechseläuten **  
 15.04  PR  SnailTrail: Generalizing Critical Paths for Online Analysis of Distributed Dataflows


 29.04  HO  Semester project Q&A  -
 06.05  HO   Taxi ride analysis and Heart rate analysis on GCP  ses-8.pdf
 13.05  HO  State, checkpoints, and re-configuration  ses-9.pdf
 20.05  PR  Graph stream algorithms: a survey  no assignment
 27.05  -  **Semester project demos**