Veronica Estrada Galiñanes, University of Neuchatel: "Towards entangled storage solutions"

10.02.2017 10:00

CAB E 72

Talk by Veronica Estrada Galiñanes from the University of Neuchatel

Title: "Towards entangled storage solutions"


Redundancy schemes have a key role in the security and performance of storage systems. Choosing a redundancy scheme is a challenge task that involves finding good trade-offs between the scheme’s features and their cost. This talk will discuss differences between classical schemes and an innovative approach that entangles data to create interdependencies between content. Data entanglement changes the current model to create and reuse redundant content. Entanglement codes are practical and flexible to adapt their settings to current and future storage systems. The author will elaborate on the rationale behind the code design, present surprising results and showcase early examples of entangled storage solutions.


Vero Estrada-Galiñanes joined the Complex Systems Group at the University of Neuchatel in 2012. In the next months, she will defend her PhD thesis, supervised by Prof. Pascal Felber. Her thesis works have attracted the interest of the academia and the industry. She holds a Master degree in Applied Computer Science from University of Tokyo and an Electronic Engineer Diploma from University of Buenos Aires. Before she started building a scientific career, she worked several years in the private and public sector. Vero’s research interests include storage, security and distributed systems. In 2008, she received a Monbushogakusho scholarship from the Japanese MEXT research’s agency. Her research also received support from Argentina CONICET research’s agency, Usenix, ACM and Google. In 2015, she received an SNF Doc Mobility grant to spend 6 months as a visitor scholar at the Storage Systems Research Center, UC Santa Cruz to collaborate with Dr. Ethan Miller and other lab associated researchers. Her project was the design of next generation erasure coding methods. She serves the community by volunteering at events and in projects that motivate and inspire students: ACM XRDS Crossroads, Rotary Club Saitama Japan District, Google Summer of Code.