Talk By Brian Gold (Pure Storage): Accelerating scale-out file systems with hardware/software co-design

09.11.2017 10:00


Brian Gold (Pure Storage)

Title: Accelerating scale-out file systems with hardware/software co-design


Modern file systems can be viewed as specialized database applications, enabling features such as snapshots, compression, replication, and more. As data volumes and performance demands continue to grow, file-system designers have turned to scale-out architectures and, therefore, suffer the joys and pains of distributed database systems. In this talk we will describe several of the key insights behind Pure Storage's FlashBlade, a scale-out file and object storage system that achieves scalability and performance through deep hardware/software co-design.


Brian Gold is an engineering director at Pure Storage and part of the founding team for FlashBlade, Pure’s scale-out, all-flash file and object storage platform. He’s contributed to nearly every part of the FlashBlade architecture and development from inception to production, but fortunately most of his code has been rewritten by others. Brian received a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University, focusing on computer architecture and resilient computing. ===========