Lunch Seminar - Fall 2012

FALL 2012

Time and Location
The lunch seminar is held every Friday from 12:15 to 13:15h at CAB E 72 (lunch provided at 12:00).

The topic will be announced shortly before the talk.


Date Speaker Institute Topic Food Chair
21.09. Simon Gerber ETH Smart Memory and Resource Management in a Modern OS Markus Ercan
28.09. Simon Loesing ETH Towards Scalable and Elastic Shared-Memory Databases Qin Louis
05.10. Jana Giceva ETH Database/Operating System Co-Design Zach Louis
12.10. Ghislain Fourny 28 msec JSONiq - JSON for XQuery, XQuery for JSON Stefan M.  Ercan 
19.10. Wolfgang Emmerich UCL and Zuehlke  Static Analysis of Enterprise IT Systems Cagri Anja
26.10. Eugen Zalinescu ETH Logic-based Automated Compliance Checking Pravin Anja
02.11.  Torsten Hoefler ETH Operating Systems: A view from an HPC perspective Georgios Ercan
09.11. Tudor Salomie ETH Multimed: Steps Towards Virtualization Simon G. Louis
16.11.     canceled   Anja
23.11. Dimitrios Karampinas ETH The CAP Theorem Pratanu Ercan
30.11. Markus Pilman ETH Lock-free Data Structures Martin Louis
07.12. Guiseppe Serazzi   Politecnico di Milano Use of JMT tools for Bottlenecks Identification and Performance Nihal Anja
14.12. Tahmineh Sanamrad ETH Effect of Heavyweight compression on in-cache query processing Stefan K. Ercan