Lunch Seminar - Fall 2013

  FALL 2013

Time and Location
The lunch seminar is held every Friday from 12:15 to 13:15h at CAB E 72 (lunch provided at 12:00).

Lunch Seminar organizers: Darko Makreshanski, Lucas Braun, Gerd Zellweger.

The topic will be announced shortly before the talk.

Date Speaker Institute Topic Food Chair
20.09.2013 Tim Harris Oracle Labs, Cambridge, UK Rethinking the stack for distributed runtime systems  Martin  Gerd
27.09.2013 Stefan Manegold & Holger Pirk CWI, Amsterdam Hardware-Conscious Cost Modelling through the Ages  Zsolt  Darko
04.10.2013 Derek Murray Microsoft Research Naiad: a timely dataflow system  Pratanu  Lucas
11.10.2013 Arijit Khan ETH, Systems Group Towards Querying and Mining of Big-Graphs  Simon G  Gerd
18.10.2013 Markus Pilman ETH, Systems Group MSR-Internship with Hyder  Cagri  Darko
25.10.2013 Torsten Höfler ETH, Scalable Parallel Comp. Lab Remote Memory Access Programming  Stefan M  Lucas
01.11.2013 Patrick Stüdi IBM Research, Rüschlikon Opportunities using RDMA in Distributed Systems  Stefan K  Gerd
08.11.2013 Daniela Dorneanu ETH, Systems Group Experiences of a CERN internship  Georgios  Darko
15.11.2013 Chen Chen ETH, Network Security Group  How TPM and Cloud could interact on mobile platforms  Pravin  Lucas
22.11.2013 Zaheer Chotia ETH, Systems Group A whirlwind tour through the LuaJIT VM  Markus  Gerd
29.11.2013 Jana Giceva ETH, Systems Group  My internship @ Oracle Labs  Ercan  Darko
06.12.2013 Christoph Hölscher ETH, Professorship of Cognitive Science Cognition, Usability & Design: Information processing in space  Marica  Lucas
13.12.2013 Simon Loesing ETH, Systems Group    Tudor  Gerd
20.12.2013        Louis  Darko