Lunch Seminar Fall 2013


Time and Location
The lunch seminar is held every Friday from 12:15 to 13:15h at CAB E 72 (lunch provided at 12:00).

The topic will be announced shortly before the talk.


Date Speaker Institute Topic Food Chair
22.02.2013  Kornilios Kourtis ETH Skip List Arrays: a List Data Type for Parallel Programming 

Simon L (Bagels)

01.03.2013  Christian Plattner    Cleondris: Making a living from Snapshots

 Thomas (UniPoint)

08.03.2013  Gerd Zellweger  ETH Unifying Synchronization and Events in a Multicore Operating System  Jana (Nordsee) Simon 
15.03.2013  Qin Yin ETH   Datacenter networking research

 Anja    (HotPasta)

22.03.2013  Lucas Braun ETH  My Private Google Calendar and GMail

 Dimitris (PizzaDieci)

29.03.2013 --   Good Friday      
05.04.2013 --   Easter Break      
12.04.2013  Louis Woods  ETH

Ibex - An Intelligent Storage Engine with FPGA-Acceleration

 Tahmineh (Corner) Simon
19.04.2013  Simon Peter  University of Washington Arrakis: An OS Architecture for Rapid Device Access  Besmira (FoodLab) Darko
26.04.2013 Marcos Vaz Salles University of Copenhagen   Scalable and Programmable Behavioral Simulations through Database Techniques  Louis (Lilly's) Besmira
03.05.2013  Stefan Müller  ETH  Dark Energy Survey and scale-out Python Tudor (Bagels) Simon
10.05.2013       Ercan  Darko
17.05.2013 Martin Kauffmann    Processing Queries on Temporal Data  

 Stefan K (PizzaDieci)

24.05.2013  Anja Grünheid, Besmira Nushi  ETH  Next Steps in CrowdDB Pravin Simon
31.05.2013  Darko Makreshanski ETH  Insight into Transactional Memory  Georgios  Darko