Master Students / Interns

Ongoing Masters Theses

Student Thesis topic Adviser Project
Roman Cattaneo Floyd-Warshall and dense matrix-matrix multiplication on FPGA using high-level synthesis Johannes de Fine Licht, Torsten Hoefler


Razvan Damachi Process Management in a Capability-Based OS Simon Gerber, Timothy Roscoe


Balz Guenat Hardware State Assertions with ARM Coresight David Cock, Timothy Roscoe


Stefan Irimescu JSONiq on Spark Ghislain Fourny, Gustavo Alonso  
Pavel Kalvoda Graph representations for distributed memory graph processing Maciej Besta, Torsten Hoefler  
Antonios Karkatsoulis Exploring the impact of TCP/IP parameter tuning on performance Ankit Singla, Laurent Vanbever  
Kevin Kipfer Fog Prediction at Zurich Airport using Deep Neural Networks Hantian Zhang, Ce Zhang  
Jonas Kuratli Distributed Join Result Materialization over High-Performance Networks Ingo Müller, Claude Barthels, Gustavo Alonso  
Spyros Lalos The Design and Implementation of a Distributed Multi-GPU System for 3D Reconstruction

Hantian Zhang, Ce Zhang


Lukas Striebel A High-level Graph Language Interface for Differential Dataflow

John Liagouris, Desislava Dimitrova, Timothy Roscoe


Anna Szybalska State-as-a-service: Exposing internal operator state in dataflow computations

Moritz Hoffmann, Desislava Dimitrova, Timothy Roscoe


Theodoros Theodoridis Learning good loop fusion heuristics with big data Tobias Grosser, Torsten Hoefler


Jan Wolf Multiple Query Execution

Darko Makreshanski, Ingo Müller, Gustavo Alonso


Luyuan Zeng Accelerating machine learning and advanced analytics with embedded GPUs

Ce Zhang


Past Masters students/Thesis are available HERE



Name University Time frame


Past Interns

Name University Time frame
Amar Phanishayee Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA June-Dec. 2010
William Candillon Telecom Lille, Villeneuve d’Ascq, France Jan.2008-June 2010 (on and off)
Pierre-Evariste Dagand ENS Cachan-Bretagne, France January-March 2010
Chong Zhou Hunan University, China Sept. 2007-May 2008
Eya Ben Charrada Ecole des Mines, Saint-Etienne, France April-Sept 2008
Justin Cappos University of Arizona, Tucson, USA Sept.-Dec.2007
Jordan Guerin Ecole Centrale Nantes, France April-Sept.2007


Past Excellence Scholarship Students

Sept. 2011 - Dec. 2012

  • Karolina Alexiou
  • Panagiotis Vagenas
  • Zsolt István