Systems Group presenting at OSDI 2014 in Broomfield, Colorado

This year 2 Systems group papers and one paper with Timothy Roscoe as a co-author are presented at OSDI 2014 in Broomfield, Colorado.

  •  Stefan Müller, Gustavo Alonso, Adam Amara, and Andre Csillaghy: Pydron: semi-automatic parallelization for multi-core and the cloud. 
  • Gerd Zellweger, Simon Gerber, Kornilios Kourtis, and Timothy Roscoe: Decoupling Cores, Kernels, and Operating Systems. 
  • Simon Peter, Jialin Li, Irene Zhang, Dan R. K. Ports, Doug Woos, Arvind Krishnamurthy, Thomas Anderson, and Timothy Roscoe. Arrakis: The Operating System is the Control Plane.