Two papers accepted at AAAI 2020

The following two papers have been accepted at Thirty Fourth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, February 7-12, 2020, New York, NY, USA.

"TextNAS: A Neural Architecture Search Space tailored for Text Representation" by Yujing Wang (MSRA), Yaming Yang (MSRA), Yiren Chen (Peking University),Jing Bai (Microsoft), Ce Zhang (ETH), Guinan Su (University of Science and Technology of China), Xiaoyu Kou (Peking University), Yunhai Tong (Peking University), Mao Yang (MSRA), Lidong Zhou (MSRA).

"Efficient Automatic CASH via Rising Bandits" by Yang Li (Peking University/ Systems Group visiting student), Jiawei Jiang (ETH Zurich), Jinyang Gao (Alibaba Group), Yingxia Shao (BUPT), Ce Zhang (ETH), Bin Cui (Peking University).