Zaheer Chothia presented his paper “Online Reconstruction of Structural Information from Datacenter Logs“ at EuroSys 2017

Zaheer Chothia presented the following paper at EuroSys 2017 in Belgrade, Serbia:

Online Reconstruction of Structural Information from Datacenter Logs by Zaheer Chothia, John Liagouris, Desislava Dimitrova, and Timothy Roscoe.


Well-run datacenter application architectures are heavily instrumented to provide detailed traces of messages and remote invocations. Reconstructing user sessions, call graphs, transaction trees, and other structural information from these messages, a process known as sessionization, is the foundation for a variety of diagnostic, profiling, and monitoring tasks essential to the operation of the datacenter.

We present the design and implementation of a system which processes log streams at gigabits per second and reconstructs user sessions comprising millions of transactions per second in real time with modest compute resources, while dealing with clock skew, message loss, and other real-world phenomena that make such a task challenging. Our system is based on the Timely Dataflow framework for low latency, data-parallel computation, and we demonstrate its utility with a number of use-cases and traces from a large, operational, mission-critical enterprise data center.