John Liagouris gave a talk at eBay

John Liagouris gave the following talk at eBay, San Jose, CA.

Strymon: Providing fast and meaningful insights into enterprise datacenters


In this talk I will present an overview of the Strymon project at ETH Zurich. The project focuses on the design and development of Strymon, a system that leverages existing datacenter logging pipelines to ingest and process logs of events in real time and provide datacenter administrators with timely insights into the functionality of the running systems. Strymon is written in Rust and builds on top of timely dataflow, a high-performance engine for parallel and distributed streaming computations. The talk will focus on two Strymon use cases: (i) online reconstruction of user sessions from individual logs, which is often the first step in many datacenter management tasks, and (ii) online critical path analysis of long-running applications, which can be used to identify performance bottlenecks at runtime.