Four papers presented at SC'16

The following four papers have been presented at The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (SC'16) in Salt Lake City:

Scheduling-Aware Routing for Supercomputers by J. Domke and T. Hoefler

dCUDA: Hardware Supported Overlap of Computation and Communication by T. Gysi, J. Baer, T. Hoefler

Extreme Scale Plasma Turbulence Simulations on Top Supercomputers Worldwide by W. Tang, B. Wang, S. Ethier, G. Kwasniewski, T. Hoefler, K. Ibrahim, K. Madduri, S. Williams, L. Oliker, C. Rosales-Fernandez, T. Williams

A PCIe Congestion-Aware Performance Model for Densely Populated Accelerator Servers by M. Martinasso, G. Kwasniewski, S. Alam, T. Schulthess, T. Hoefler.