Systems Group presenting at SIGMOD 2015

The following four papers and a demo have been presented at SIGMOD 2015, in Melbourne, Australia.

Claude Barthels, Simon Loesing, Donald Kossmann, Gustavo Alonso. Rack-Scale InMemory Join Processing using RDMA. SIGMOD 2015.

Lucas Braun, Thomas Etter, Georgios Gasparis, Martin Kaufmann, Donald Kossmann, Daniel Widmer. Analytics in Motion: High Performance Event-Processing AND Real-Time Analytics in the Same Database. SIGMOD 2015.

Phil Bernstein, Sudipto Das, Bailu Ding, Markus Pilman. Optimizing Optimistic Concurrency Control for Tree-Structured, Log-Structured Databases. SIGMOD 2015.

Simon Loesing, Markus Pilman, Thomas Etter, Donald Kossmann. On the Design and Scalability of Distributed Shared-Data Databases. SIGMOD 2015.

Anja Gruenheid, Theodoros Rekatsinas, Donald Kossmann, Divesh Srivastava. DEMO: StoryPivot: Comparing and Contrasting Story Evolution. SIGMOD 2015.