Several Systems Group papers presented at VLDB 2015

The following Systems Group papers have been presented at VLDB 2015 in Kohala Coast, Hawai'I, VLDB 2015, August 31-Sept. 4, 2015:

  • "Deployment of query plans on multicores" by Jana Giceva, Gustavo Alonso, Timothy Roscoe and Tim Harris (Oracle Labs Cambridge)
  • "To Lock, CAS, or Elide: On the Interplay of Hardware Transactional Memory and Lock-Free Indexing" by Darko Makreshanski, Justin Levandoski (MSR), and Ryan Stutsman (MSR)
  • "Indexing and Selecting Hierarchical Business Logic" by Alessandra Loro, Anja Gruenheid, Donald Kossmann, Damien Profeta (Amadeus) & Philippe Beaudequin (Amadeus)
  • "On Uncertain Graphs Modeling and Queries" Arijit Khan and Lei Chen (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) - tutorial