10.08.2017 19:00






The LLVM Compiler and Code Generation Social is a meetup to discuss compilation and code generation topics, with a special focus on LLVMclangPolly, and related projects. If you are interested in generating code for a variety of architectures, (static) program analyses for real world C/C++/OpenCL/CUDA programs, building your own programming language, register allocation and instruction selection, software hardening techniques, have an idea for a great optimization, or want to target GPUs or FPGA, .... This event is for you!

Our primary focus are free discussions between interested people  (+ beer and food). This is a great opportunity to get and discuss project ideas or to just learn about what people at ETH and around Zurich are doing.



Please register.


  • Anybody interested 
  • ETH students and staff
  • LLVM developers and enthusiasts external to ETH


10.08.2017, 19:00

We aim to arrange a meetup the second Thursday of a months


ETH Zurich, CAB, E72


The building closes at 19:00. If you are late, you need to call us to be let in. (We send out the number before the meeting).

What is LLVM?

LLVM is an open source project that provides a collection of modular compiler and toolchain technologies. It is centered around a modern SSA-based compiler around which an entire ecosystem of compiler technology was developed. Most well know is the clang C++ compiler, which is e.g. used to deploy iOS. Beyond this a diverse set of projects is developed under the umbrella of LLVM. These include code generators and assemblers for various interesting architectures, a jit compiler, a debugger, run-time libraries (C++ Standard Library, OpenMP, Opencl library), program sanity checkers, and many more. LLVM has itself grown out of a research project more than 10 years ago and is the base of many exciting research projects today:



Tobias Grosser