• Torsten Hoefler won the 2015 Latsis Prize

  • Pravin Shinde, Kornilios Kourtis, Antoine Kaufmann and Timothy Roscoe received the Best Poster award at EuroSys 2015 for "Dragonet: a Host Network Stack for Harnessing NIC Hardware".

  • Timothy Roscoe and Robert Soulé (USI) received the Google Research Award for the "Online Data Center Modeling" project

  • Torsten Hoefler received the ERC Starting Grant




  • Philipp Unterbrunner awarded the 2012 Chorafas Prize for outstanding contributions and excellent scientific achievement in his doctoral dissertation

  • Gustavo Alonso elected ACM Fellow

  • Philipp Unterbrunner received the ETH Medal Award for his outstanding Doctoral Thesis entitled: Elastic, Reliable, and Robust Storage and Query Processing with Crescando/RB

  • Campus Challenge course team under the supervision of Prof. Donald Kossmann won the European Accenture Campus Challenge Competition

  • Nihal Dindar is one of the Google Anita Borg Scholarship 2012 recipients
  • Jana Giceva received the Best Poster Award at the ACM EuroSys Conference 2012
  • Andrei Popovici, Thomas Gross, and Gustavo Alonso received the ACM AOSD 2012 Most Influential Paper Award for their 2002 Paper: Dynamic weaving for aspect-oriented programming. International Conference on Aspect-Oriented Software Development, AOSD April, 2002, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands.


  • Pratanu Roy received the Best Master Thesis Industry Award for his MT: "Using Background Knowledge in Schema Matching and Ontology Alignment" completed at RWTH Aachen, Germany.
  • Sukriti Ramesh received the Fritz-Kutter Award 2011 for her Master Thesis: "CrowdDB – Answering Queries with Crowdsourcing
  • Timothy Roscoe received the D-INFK Golden Owl 2011 awarded by VSETH 
  • Donald Kossmann and Sukriti Ramesh (Systems Group, ETH); Amber Feng, Micheal Franklin, Tim Kraska, Andrew Wang, Reynold Xin (UC Berkeley); Samuel Madden (MIT) received the VLDB 2011 Best Demo Award 
  • IS Lab Project student team: Lynn Aders, René Buffat, Zaheer Chothia, and Matthias Wetter supervised by Cagri Balkesen, Peter Fischer, and Nesime Tatbul received the DEBS 2011 Grand Challenge Award.
  • Nihal Dindar, Peter Fischer, and Nesime Tatbul  DEBS 2011 Best Poster Award for
  • Donald Kossmann received the ICDE 2011 Most Influential Paper Award for for the 2001 Paper on skyline queries
  • Jens Teubner and Louis Woods received the BTW 2011 Best Demo Award 


  • Donald Kossmann honored as ACM Fellow, 2010
  • René Müller received the Fritz-Kutter Award 2010 for his PhD Dissertation: Data Stream Processing on Embedded Devices
  • Oriana Riva received the Ambizione Grant 2010
  • Gustavo Alonso and Bettina Kemme received the VLDB 10 Year Best Paper Award 2010
  • Timothy Roscoe received the Microsoft Research PhD Scholarship Award 2010
  • Tim Kraska received the SNSF Fellowship for Prospective Researchers, 2010



  • Donald Kossmann received the Google Research Award 2008
  • The Systems Group awarded grant from Microsoft as part of the Microsoft Innovation Cluster for Embedded Software (ICES)
  • Nesime Tatbul received the IBM Faculty Award 2008
  • Oriana Riva received the  ETH Fellowship 2008