Setup of Oracle CEP

Setup of Oracle CEP

We used Oracle CEP Development Environment Eclipse to run our experiments applying the following steps:

Step 1. Create a new Oracle CEP Application Project and set its location to the project folder of the desired experiment.

Step 2. Built the project, and then export it as Oracle CEP Application.

Step 3. Add the project to the running Server.

Step 4. Download the input data file (*.csv) and property file (*.prop) of the desired experiment. Set directory of the csv file inside the prop file. Use a csv adapter to feed the data to the engine, e.g., load-generator of Oracle CEP's fx-sample to feed the data by running the following command:

./ *.prop

Step 5. Results can be seen in Eclipse's Console.

An important remark is that throughout our experiments, we ignored the first result given by the engine, as it has negative timestamp value.