Algorithms for Database Systems (Seminar)


  • The first series of talks will be on April 13, from 8:15am on, in CAB Room H52. We will meet at 8:00am (sharp) at the back entrance (where the ASVZ is) of the CAB building.  Please, be on time so that we can let you into the building.
  • The first meeting will be held on  Thursday, 21. 2. 2013 in CAB H 52, 14 - 16 h.

Overview and Objectives

The theme of the seminar this year is Big Data. The seminar will address various topics in this area: Systems, Algorithms, and Applications.

Students learn how to critically read and study research papers, how to summarize the contents of a paper, and how to present it in a seminar.

Teaching Format

Each participant writes a self-contained report of about 10 pages and gives a 30 minute presentation. This year, all presentations will be at the blackboard only. (No computers; no powerpoint!) 

Each participant is associated to another participant who serves as a shepherd (aka buddy) for report and presentation. Buddies read the report, make suggestions for improvements, and help with the presentation (e.g., dry runs). 

The first version of the report is due two weeks before the date of the presentation. (No excuses!) This first version of the report and presentation will be discussed with the buddy and a professor one week before the presentation. The final versions of the report are due at the end of the semester.

Grading will depend on the quality of the report, talk, active participation during the seminar, and impact as a shepherd.

Setup and Organization

The setup of the seminar will be discussed on Thursday, 21. 2. 2013 in CAB H 52, 14 - 16 h. In this meeting, the seminar topics will be presented and assigned to participants.  The seminar talks will be given in two blocks on two Saturdays: April 13 and May 11. Participation on both Saturdays is mandatory.



topic references date professor presenters buddy
T01 - Frequent itemsets in streams Ref 0; Ref 1Ref 2; Ref 3. April 13 Donald Kossmann Erik Torfason Carlo Beltrame
T04 - Sampling based summary statistics Ref 0 April 13 Donald Kossmann Grzegorz Makosa Hobi Livio
T13 - Systems for real-time analysis Ref 0; Ref 1 April 13 Michael Böhlen David Caspar Simon Rösch
T09 - Synchronization in the cloud Ref 0; Ref 1; Ref 2 April 13 Michael Böhlen Bojana Dimcheva Urs Vögeli
T02 - Graph Sketches Ref 0; Ref 1Ref 2 April 13 Peter Widmayer Marina Horlescu Rita Forster
T03 - Graph problems in semi-streaming Ref 0 April 13 Peter Widmayer Mircea Grecu Simon Wehrli
T07 - Statistical Machine Translation Ref 0 April 13 Michael Böhlen Isabelle Raemy Tanvi Singh
T08 - Key-value stores Ref 0; Ref 1, Ref 2 May11 Donald Kossmann Carlo Beltrame Michael Hartmann
T10 - Map reduce versus SQL Ref 0; Ref 1; Ref 2; Ref 3 May11 Donald Kossmann Hobi Livio Erik Torfason
T11 - Beyond map reduce Ref 0; Ref 1; Ref 2 May11 Peter Widmayer Simon Rösch Grzegorz Makosa
T16 - Load balancing in map reduce Ref 0; Ref 1 May11 Michael Böhlen Urs Vögeli Carlo Beltrame
T05 - Aggregate SQL queries Ref 0 May11 Michael Böhlen Rita Forster Bojana Dimcheva
T17 - Dimensionality reduction Ref 0; Ref 1 May11 Donald Kossmann Simon Wehrli Marina Horlescu
T18 - Histogram construction Ref 0 May11 Peter Widmayer Michael Hartmann Mircea Grecu
Big Data & Genomics   May11 Michael Böhlen Tanvi Singh Isabelle Raemy


All reports must be written in English. All talks must be in English.


Donald Kossmann (ETH)Peter Widmayer (ETH), Michael Böhlen, (UZH)