Challenge for ETH Students

Emirates Airline has drafted a challenge for ETH students to create a vision of the travel landscape in ten years’ time.

The winning idea will be rewarded with US$ 3’000.00.

Team up and write an essay on the “Future of Travel” – for details please contact Prof. Donald Kossmann (

The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2014.

What is the Future of Travel?

A leading international travel company is conducting a research project to create a vision of the travel landscape in ten years’ time.

  • What developments will revolutionise the way we dream about, shop for and then travel around the globe in tomorrow’s world?
  • Your winning ideas could win you US$3,000.
  • Think about the positives and negatives of your personal travel experiences. What in recent years has made these trips more enjoyable? How could you improved them even more? What experience do you expect in 2025?
  • Expand on your insights and formulate tangible scenarios of how your ideas can be converted into a reality in the next 6-10 years.
  • Support and illustrate your ideas with research, references and media. Try to keep your ideas within this rough framework: • In your virtual journey prior to travel, where do you find inspiration to decide on your next holiday? Where do you choose to shop for that trip, and how would you pay?
  • When you begin your physical journey to the airport, what factors affect how you feel when you arrive at your final destination?
  • How could you use technology and your personal devices to improve your overall travel experience?

Dream big, disrupt, go forth, differentiate beyond emulation.