Jana's poster on scheduling parallel DB operators accepted at EuroSys 2014

The poster entitled "Rethinking the Unit of Scheduling of Parallel DB Operators" by Jana Giceva, Gustavo Alonso and Timothy Roscoe has been accepted at EuroSys 2014, which will be held in Amsterdam, April 13-16, 2014.


Scheduling of parallelized DB operators is both challenging and important problem for modern databases. The penalties for resource sharing are aggravated with the new operator algorithms tuned for efficiently exploiting the new hardware features. Hence, they must be considered more seriously now and in the future. By rethinking the unit of scheduling from CPU cores to, for instance NUMA regions, we can achieve less performance degradation due to sharing, and more efficient leverage of machine parallelism that will in turn maximize the overall workload throughput. Even though we are still at an early stage of evaluation, the initial results are encouraging and we believe that the approach is applicable to a wider range of database operators as well as other applications that have similar properties and requirements.