Systems Group presenting at EuroSys 2014 in Amsterdam

This year the Systems Group was represented at EuroSys 2014 and co-located workshops through the following talks/presentations: 

• Gustavo Alonso gave an invited talk entitled "Rackscale - the things that matter" at the 1st Workshop on Rackscale Computing, April, 2014 - EuroSys 2014, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Rackscale computing has become the standard for many applications running on a data center. For a variety of reasons, today it is possible to developed fully customized solution that achieve impressive performance numbers. In this talk I will argue that customization is important but needs to be sustained by general purpose techniques and components. The research agenda in the next years should focus on the latter, rather than on producing an infinity variety of high performance systems tailored for narrow use cases. Otherwise, the inevitable problems with total cost of ownership during the life cycle of a real systems (maintenance, further development, software evolution, additional functionality) will soon catch up with many existing proposals.

• Jana Giceva presented her poster “Rethinking the Scheduling unit for Parallel DB Operators”.

• Zaheer Chothia presented his short paper “Grok the Datacenter” at the 8th EuroSys Doctoral Workshop (EuroDW 2014)