Gustavo is the Henry Taub Distinguished Visitor at the TCE Systems Day

Gustavo presented the talk "Performance in the multicore era" at the Technion Computer Engineering Systems Day in Haifa, Israel.

Title: Performance in the multicore era


The pace and nature of the changes taking place at the processor and computer architecture level are a formidable challenge to system designers. Very few of the established assumptions about bottlenecks, optimizations, implementation techniques, and algorithm behavior hold when modern multicore/manycore machines are involved.

In this talk I will briefly overview some of our recent work in this area related to the design and implementation of a database appliance (SwissBox) we are building at ETH Zurich. Then I will go in depth on an analysis of the behavior of relational join operators on multicore machines covering from hardware oblivious designs to highly customized approaches. The results of this work illustrate the difficulties of achieving predictable performance on modern hardware, a problem that cuts across all levels software layers, from the OS to the application. The results also provide valuable insights on the problems of exploiting the parallelism inherent on multicore and inform some of the design decisions we are making in SwissBox. I will conclude the talk outlining some general goals for this research: from influencing hardware designers to developing customized architectures for data appliances.