Gustavo is one of the keynote speakers at Systor 2014

Gustavo gave the talk "The Case for Customized System Development" as one of the keynotes in the 7th ACM International Systems and Storage Conference (Systor) in Haifa, Israel.


The IT industry is undergoing a number of substantial changes that go beyond the "technology revolutions" that marketing strategies periodically generate. The shift in computer systems' scale, the move towards a service model, the total cost of ownership for IT systems, and the added stringent requirements on these systems have changed the predominant balance of the last decades. Instead of general purpose solutions, the trend in system development these days is toward new degrees of customization of both hardware and software. Such customization is predominantly guided by hardware developments, which are introducing significant constraints on how programs run but also opening many new possibilities for those who can exploit them. In this talk, I discuss the trend towards custom design, explain why it is happening, present several examples, and give an overview of the opportunities and challenges it creates for systems research.