Data Modelling and Databases - Spring 2016


  • The exam review takes place in CAB F 78:
    • 20.09.2016: 10:00-12:00
    • 23.09.2016: 14:00-16:00
  • The exam taken by the visiting students can be found here.
  • There is no lecture on Friday 3rd of June, but there will be an Exercise session as usual.
  • The exercise sessions on May 31st/June 3rd will be used to for question and answers.
  • Please send us questions before the end of Wednesday, May 25th.
  • The slides for the lectures on Query Processing and Optimization are online.
  • The first set of exercises for Normal Forms has been uploaded.
  • The sixth exercise sheet has been published. It is the second SQL-related set, with more complex queries to write.
  • The second exercise sheet can be found here. Discussion on the 8th and 11th of March.
  • The first set of exerices has been published. Discussion on 1st and 4th of March.
  • The first lecture will take place on the 24th of February.


The course teaches the basics of modeling, querying, and managing data.

The course focuses on relational databases, but also covers other forms of data processing engines, such as those used today in Internet applications.

The course covers the following topics: entity-relationship model, relational modeling, the relational data model, relational data modeling theory (normal forms), SQL, referential integrity, transactions, replication, and internet scale data management.



Wed 08-10 CAB G 61 »
Fri 08-10 CAB G 61 »

Exercises (choose one)

Tue 08-10 CAB G 61 »
Fri 13-15 CAB G 11 »

Detailed Timetable




Akhadov, Sabir
Barthels, Claude
Gruenheid, Anja
Kwasniewski, Grzegorz
István, Zsolt
Makreshanski, Darko
Müller, Ingo



  • Kemper, Eickler: Datenbanksysteme: Eine Einführung. Oldenbourg Verlag, 7. Auflage, 2009. or
  • Garcia-Molina, Ullman, Widom: Database Systems: The Complete Book. Pearson, 2. Auflage, 2008.

Gustavo Alonso