Spring 2018

Time and Location

The lunch seminar is held every Friday from 12:15 to 13:15 at CAB E 72.

Lunch Seminar organizers:

Hantian Zhang, Alexandros Ziogas, Lukas Arnold, Hasan Hassan


The topic will be announced shortly before the talk.

Date Speaker Institute Topic Food
 23 February

David Dao

Systems Group

AI, meet blockchain - Towards machine learning markets Roni Häcki (Bagel)
Niels Gleinig Systems Group Algebraic analysis of directed graphs
Melissa Licciardello Systems Group Adaptive Bitrate on Video Streaming: a reliable comparison 
Bojan Karlas Systems Group Introduction
 2 March

Sabir Akhadov

Systems Group 

Pyspark at bare-metal speed David Sidler (Pizza)
Johannes Rausch Systems Group Introduction
Kaveh Razavi Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Introduction
 9 March Thomas Lemmin Systems Group Spectral Analysis of Fluorescently Labeled Amyloids Zaheer Chothia (Pizza)
 16 March Tal Ben Nun Systems Group Stateful Dataflow Multigraphs: A Data-Centric Bridge between Imperative and Spatial Programming Kaan Kara (Pizza)
23 March  David Cock Systems Group   Jeremie Kim
 13 April Konstantin Taranov Systems Group   Lukas Arnold
Nora Hollenstein Systems Group & IBM  
 20 April Gustavo Sutter Universidad Autónoma de Madrid   Alexandr Nigay
 27 April Can Alkan Bilkent University   Claude Barthels
 4 May Desislava Dimitrova Systems Group   Melissa Licciardello
11 May        Merve Gürel
 18 May

Maciej Besta

Systems Group   Konstantin Taranov
David Sidler Systems Group  
 25 May Arash Tavakkol Systems Group   Shaoduo Gan
 1 June       J. de Fine Licht