Nezihe Merve Gürel



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Nezihe Merve




STF H 322


Grüezi mitenand!

I have joined Systems Group as a PhD student under supervision of Prof. Ce Zhang in September 2017. Prior to that, I worked at Cognitive Computing and Industry Solutions Department of IBM Zürich Research Laboratory for two years as a researcher. I mainly focused on time-series analysis in sensor networks. More specifically, I developed a data reduction algorithm for reducing thermal noise and crosstalk in phased-arrays.

Early on, I received my MSc degree in Computer and Communication Science Department of EPFL. During my MSc studies, I was hired by the Information Theory Laboratory of EPFL as a research scholar. There, I worked on different topics of Information Theory and Advanced Probability for nearly two years.  

I obtained my BSc degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of Middle East Technical University in 2013, in Ankara. I got my BSc specilization in Telecommunications and Control Theory.