Thesis/Lab Projects Descriptions


Masters/Semester/Lab Projects

 Master Thesis Projects: 

  • Securing the Network [MT/BT] (pdf)

  • Real-time Policy Monitoring for Large-scale Distributed Systems (pdf)

  • Extending Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) with Data Types [MT] (pdf)

  • 100 Gbit/s Key-Value Store [MT] (pdf)

  • Satellite-based low-latency Internet [MT/BT] (pdf)

  • De-anonymizing encrypted video streams [MT] (pdf)

  • Deconstructing YouTube's secret sauce [MT] (pdf)

  • DS3 Lab Project Proposals (Machine Learning, NLP/Computer Vision...)

  • Making machine learning friendlier in the cloud [MT] (pdf)

  • Bringing circuits switching back from the dead [MT] (pdf)

  • Turning Web page delivery upside down [MT or BT] (pdf)

  • Incremental computation and maintenance of the metric backbone for fast graph analytics (pdf)

  • Online OS Profiling with SnailTrail [MT] (pdf)

  • How quick could QUIC be? [MT or BT] (pdf)

  • How un/fair is the Internet? [MT or BT] (pdf)

  • How much does the DC network really matter? [MT or BT] (pdf)

 Bachelor Thesis Projects

See proposals marked [MT or BT] above.