Setup of StreamBase

Setup of StreamBase

We used StreamBase Studio to run our experiments applying the following steps:

Step 1. Download the project folder of the desired experiement. Click on "File->Import->Projects" from StreamBase Studio, and point its root directory to the experiment. Studio might complain that Application Diagram does not exist, ignore it.

Step 2. Run the StreamBase application by using its ssql file.

Step 3. Start the data-feeder. Input and results can be seen at Application Input and Output windows of StreamBase Studio, respectively.

We would like to also note the following regarding our experiments in StreamBase: First, we used value-based windows on timestamp field to specify time-based windows. Second, we observed that events' timestamps are reassigned based on system time, while original intervals are respected. As StreamBase's reassignment of the timestamps could be misleading, in our analysis, we also included StreamBase functions  'openval(), closeval(), now()' as helpers in our queries. openval() and closeval() functions return the lower and upper limit of the specified dimension (time or tuple in our case) for the current window, respectively, and 'now()' returns current time [StreamBase]. They were very helpful to understand how windows are constructed in StreamBase, and how timestamps are attached.