MaxStream - Past project

Project Description

Despite the availability of several commercial data stream processing engines (SPEs), it remains hard to develop and maintain streaming applications. A major difficulty is the lack of standards, and the wide (and changing) variety of application requirements. Consequently, existing SPEs vary widely in data and query models, APIs, functionality, and optimization capabilities. This has led to some organizations using multiple SPEs, based on their application needs. Furthermore, management of stored data and streaming data are still mostly separate concerns, although applications increasingly require integrated access to both. In the MaxStream project, our goal is to design and build a federated stream processing architecture that seamlessly integrates multiple autonomous and heterogeneous SPEs with traditional databases behind a common SQL-based declarative query interface and a common API in a way to facilitate the incorporation of new functionality and requirements.

Project Members

  • Current: Nihal Dindar,  Nesime Tatbul (ETH Zurich); Laura Haas (IBM Almaden); Renee Miller (University of Toronto).
  • Former: Irina Botan, Roozbeh Derakhshan, Younggoo Cho, Kihong Kim, Chulwon Lee, Beomjin Yun (SAP Labs Korea); Girish Mundada (SAP Labs USA); Ming-Chien Shan, Ying Yan,  Jin Zhang (SAP Labs China).


More Information

Contact: Prof. Dr. Nesime Tatbul