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Title Author
Many-Query Join: Efficient Shared Execution of Relational Join Operations Darko Makreshanski
Quality and Optimization in Crowdsourcing Besmira Nushi
Data Processing with FPGAs David Sidler
Hardware Accelerators for the Datacenter Zsolt Istvan
Rack-Scale Database Systems Claude Barthels
Resource Management in Barrelfish Simon Gerber


Conference Talks Videos

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Conference  Title Author
SIGMOD 2017 Accelerating Pattern Matching Queries in Hybrid CPU-FPGA Architectures David Sidler
SIGMOD 2017 FPGA-based Data Partitioning Kaan Kara
NSDI 2016 Consensus in a Box: Inexpensive Coordination in Hardware Zsolt Istvan
Usenix ATC 2015 Shoal: Smart Allocation And Replication Of Memory For Parallel Programs Stefan Kaestle
 OSDI 2014 Pydron: Semi-Automatic Parallelization for Multi-Core and the Cloud Stefan Müller
 OSDI 2014 Decoupling Cores, Kernels, and Operating Systems Gerd Zellweger
SOSP 2009 The Multikernel: A New OS Architecture for Scalable Multicore Systems Andrew Baumann


Inaugural Lectures 

Name Title Date
Onur Mutlu "Future Computing Architectures" 15.05.2017